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Lisa Logan, Creative Chef

[COACHING REVIEW] Marcia's coaching and marketing know-how helped me discover new possibilities for my business. Not only did Marcia work with me to create a more premium brand and elevate my prices, but we also redesigned my website. And as a bonus, Marcia worked with a graphic designer to create a more premium logo and a brand guide.

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M. Brunetti, Former Marketing Director 

[BOOK REVIEW | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️] Create Killer Content is fabulous! Clear messaging, well organized, easy to read, very entertaining, and engaging. Great rationale given for each strategy. Great tips in a very user-friendly format. I really enjoyed reading it. It should be a hit! [I learned] about lots of new online tools I didn't know about, and it reminded me of the necessity to set time aside to plan... if you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there.

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G. Youth, Professor

[BOOK REVIEW | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️] Create Killer Content is FANTASTIC! Super easy to follow, well written, and chock-full of valuable (and knowing you) vetted resources. Your language style is professional yet easy to understand. The overall marketing strategies were logical and easy to follow. The resources provided in each section were plentiful and helpful.

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T. Franklin, Entrepreneur 

[CONSULTING REVIEW] I worked on a project with the NBA Cleveland Cavalier basketball player Daniel Gibson and his dad Byron Gibson (also a former professional basketball player.) The Gibsons were launching and leading a basketball coaching program for Houston-area youth.

During that time, I hired Marcia Hylton as our marketing consultant to help us achieve our goals of having a solid digital presence and strategy to promote the new program and attract the young men who were a good fit for the program. We met several times over several months and listened as Ms. Hylton presented us with the best ways to achieve our strategic marketing goals.

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J. Cruise, Restauranteur

[CONSULTING REVIEW] Marcia emphasized developing content planning for the future while quickly tweaking what was already in place. This took some of the pressure off our shoulders, and completing the task seemed far less daunting. We have already changed our social media strategies based on Marcia’s recommended best practices. For each recommendation, Marcia always took the time to explain the primary benefits.

Marcia clearly articulated her points and translated complex tech terminology into easily understood layperson’s terms.

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B. McHenry, Entrepreneur 

[CONSULTING REVIEW] I am the co-founder and CEO of three digital radio stations. One all Talk format, one Country Music, and one Classic Rock. We are a new technology in a new market place which presents several challenges. We hired Marcia shortly after we launched 18 months ago, and she has really helped us measurably turn the corner in local brand awareness.

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R. Destin, Corporate Exec

[CONSULTING REVIEW] Marcia is a very knowledgeable digital marketing consultant who knows how to provide information in easily understood terms. As a consultant, not only did Marcia provide her expert recommendations, but she also provided documentation and appended custom reporting that we could use for future analysis and planning. These were steps above and beyond what we agreed to and what we expected.

Marcia's recommendations included immediate, high-impact action items and future steps that we could take as part of a more long-term plan.

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M. Moreno, Designer 

[CONSULTING REVIEW] Marcia gave me technical advice and offered suggestions to make my work more efficient. Her social media recommendations were on par with what I needed to make my business more of a success. I learned valuable information on using Google Developer Tools that I had no idea was even freely available to me. Such information and our overall discussion were well worth the consultation session.

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J. Arrazolo, Entrepreneur

[CONSULTING REVIEW] Marcia left us educated about the best social media options for promoting our auto inventory online as well as the best ways to get our pages to rank high in Google. Marcia has trained us about and helped us create an online marketing plan that we can work on within the next nine to twelve months.

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L. Castro, Entrepreneur

[CONSULTING REVIEW] Marcia also advised me on ways to get people to sign up for our newsletter (something we hadn’t yet put in place) and went over the reasons this was important to my business. And she shared ideas on the type of content we could include in a newsletter. There were quite a few things she said that I had never thought to do, so I found great value in her presentation.

There were quality recommendations, and she is clearly a digital marketing expert who showed an understanding of my business needs and the potential for (as she stated) “explosive exponential growth.” I could see exactly what she meant as she spoke.

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